Weekly Intelligence Digest – March 16, 2015

Significant Developments of the Week

1. Distil Networks Investigates Bots and Behaviors

Distil Networks, a leader in the bot mitigation field, conducts a study on CAPTCHAs and their effects on user behavioral patterns. Distil used a U.S history and politics trivia quiz via social media sites to orchestrate the study. Out of the 1,079 quizzes that were taken, around half had a CAPTCHA randomly placed at the end. Distil found that CAPTCHAs have a substantially larger effect on mobile users, as 27% of mobile users were more likely to desert the quiz than those accessing from a desktop.

BID Insight: The most interesting elements of Distil’s research are the findings regarding business impact due to the use of CAPTCHA. Businesses that incorporate CAPTCHAs on their websites experience a relatively high loss of potential leads. Approximately  12% of users are less likely to continue browsing when faced with entering a CAPTCHA, regardless of the device used to access the content. While there is a critical need to be able to differentiate bot traffic from legitimate traffic, the cost of conversion rates shouldn’t be the price, which may spur more research on new approaches for traffic differentiation and user-behavioral patterns.

2.  Aryaka Develops ExpressRoute for Azure

Aryaka announces a solution integrated with Microsoft’s Azure, titled Azure ExpressRoute, which allows for speedier and more stable access to the platform. Using Aryaka’s private WAN optimization network, clients gain access to an entirely new feature set.  Prominent features include compression, application-level intelligence, de-duplication, TCP optimization, and enhanced security levels. Additionally, aside from a new feature set, Azure customers will also experience substantial improvement in latency, performance, and security.

BID Insight: Aryaka is targeting enterprise companies to facilitate the most secure and reliable level of access to cloud.  With cloud services and tools becoming increasingly popular in the marketplace, Aryaka can dive into that sector and establish a presence working with existing cloud companies to optimize performance. With clients in 300 cities across 50 different countries, Aryaka has a strong global presence and network span that allows them to provide stable and secure access.

3.  F5 Bolsters Sales Force in China

F5 Networks appoints Jerry Huang as Managing Director of Sales for the APAC region. Huang’s main areas of focus will be Taiwan and China, and where he will oversee company expansion and growth in market leadership. Huang will aid Senior Vice President of Sales (APAC) Emmanuel Bonnassie, in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance and Enterprise markets. Huang brings a solid background to the table, particularly in the China region.  Huang has previously served as President of Unify for the Great China Region. Prior to that, he also managed the APAC region for Avaya and Nortel for 14 years.

BID Insight: F5, like so many other companies, is eager to gain traction in the highly competitive APAC market. Hiring a seasoned veteran to join the team for the Greater China region could prove a smart choice. Huang is already very familiar with the market, as he has been managing business enterprises and sales in that same marketplace for over 15 years. Huang plans on profiting from similarities in the Taiwanese and Chinese market spaces, and leveraging those conclusions to promote growth on behalf of F5.

Interview with Vick Vaishnavi, CEO of Yottaa (Part 2)

Here is the second half of our interview with the CEO of Yottaa, Vick Viren Vaishnavi. In this portion of the interview, Vick explains Yottaa’s plans moving forward and what to expect from the company in the coming years. Additionally, Vick goes into Yottaa’s core strengths, how its solutions have evolved and what makes this company different from others in the market. Vick has a refreshing perspective on the CDN market, and we think that the upcoming years hold exciting promise for Yottaa.

Interview with Vick Vaishnavi, CEO of Yottaa #1

Yottaa, an impressive application-oriented CDN, has kicked off a new stage of corporate transformation. After launching an initial set of Web Application Optimization technology – primarily centered around CDN, FEO, monitoring and security – Yottaa recently extended its technology to optimize the entire customer’s journey and maximizing online and mobile end user engagement. The key takeaway from our latest interview with CEO Vick Viren Vaishnavi is that Yottaa is no longer content with the IT-dominated Web Acceleration approach typical of CDNs.

Cool Startup: Observable Networks

Observable Networks, a cyber security startup, was founded in Clayton, MO by Dr. Patrick Crowley, a computer science professor at Washington University in 2011. Observable Networks has developed a cloud-based security system that offers advanced visibility into the behavior of all network devices, all the time, offering a unique SaaS-based subscription that is end-user friendly.

Observable Networks Facts
  • Founded: 2011
  • Raised: $4 Million
  • Product: CDP Cyber Security technology
  • Functionality: Continuously analyzes behavior of security devices simultaneously, in real-time
  • HQ: St. Louis, MO
  • Employee Count via LinkedIn: 11-50
  • Founders: Patrick Crowley
  • CEO: Bryan Doerr
Product Offering

With the expansion of encrypted zero-day malware and advanced persistent threats, firewalls, antivirus, and other perimeter-based security systems are increasingly futile. Observable Networks’ CDP (Continuous Device Profiling) technology integrates automated security analytics with real-time traffic sensors in networks ranging from 100s to millions of devices. Their solution aids customers by detecting suspicious behaviors that alternative security and network management technologies are unable to identify.