Cool Startup: Aframe


Aframe started in March 2009 and has received $9.8M in venture funding. It’s HQ is in London with a US office in Burlington, MA. They are a cloud-based platform with 4 data centers in the US and UK. They assist studios and post production facilities streamline their video production processes. Their customers include MTV, BBC, Panasonic & Red Bull.

The video production process is expensive, complicated and time consuming. In that environment, there’s always a need to optimize workflow and collaboration processes. The way it works now: studios and filmmakers work with numerous partners and 3rd parties in the post production process. Many times post production work is spread across several countries like India, South Korea, London and Brazil.

Post production work is coloring, mastering, duplicating, subtitling, special effects, sound & so on. To complicate matters native uncompressed video files must be exchanged between locations. Thus, files are sometimes 50GB to 100GB in size. Compression and decompression is not an option at this stage.

Internet bandwidth is a major hurdle in exchanging media content. The two options for delivering video content between partners are shipping hard drives back and forth or digital delivery. That is where Aframe comes in. They enable companies to upload, download, store, secure, tag and collaborate on media over one platform. In doing so they collapse several industry products into one platform.

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