Hello. I’m Ernie.

I write a newsletter and blog on the Content Delivery Network (CDN) industry. I’ve been going at it since 2015, publishing a vast amount of commentary on the competitive landscape, products, pricing, startups, vendors, innovations, and disruptions.

What is a CDN? At one time, a CDN was simply a global network of infrastructure that cached static content, fetched it from origin when not in memory, and delivered it to end-users at the edge. Fast forward to the present, CDNs are a complex business model that provides a comprehensive set of features and capabilities in content delivery, video streaming, edge security, edge computing, edge storage, edge database, and Zero Trust Access.

What qualifications do I have? I started working for EdgeCast in 2007. After that, I worked for others, then started an analyst firm, working on it full-time for five years, counting more than a dozen CDNs as customers. Today, I work for an awesome company that provides an innovative software stack catering to the CDN industry.

Please note that I’m an investor in all four public CDNs, so my opinions are biased. I’m a big fan of the CDN industry and believe the industry will grow in size over many years.

For inquiries, please reach out on LinkedIn or email. Opinions are my own and not of my employer.

Ernie Regalado (LinkedIn)
Los Angeles, CA