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What Sora Means for the Future of Cinema

OpenAI is at it again. When they introduced ChatGPT in November 2022, the world was in shock. Disruption followed immediately. Fourteen months later, we’re still experiencing the aftereffects: the Hollywood strike, the recession that never materialized, the US GDP skyrocketed,

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StackPath Sells CDN Business to Akamai

Akamai, the worldwide leader in CDN services, has just announced its acquisition of StackPath’s CDN business. We find ourselves slightly surprised, as we had predicted Akamai’s acquisition of StackPath just three days ago. The rapid occurrence of an event of

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CDN Industry Shakeout

Is the CDN industry experiencing a shakeout? Let’s take a deeper look, starting with the macroeconomic overview and then the micro. Global Overview There are several economies in the world that are struggling. China, once the largest US trading partner and

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Cool Startup: pgEdge

Edge database startup pgEdge debuted in March, unveiling a fully distributed database based on PostgreSQL designed for the network edge. The startup raised a $9M seed round led by Sands Capital Ventures and Grotech Ventures. pgEdge joins the competitive edge

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CDN Snapshot for Q2 2023

The first half of 2023 has been quite eventful. Despite the prevailing geopolitical crises, rising energy prices, inflation, and significant layoffs in the tech sector, the CDN industry is thriving. The US economy remains healthy as companies like Nvidia and

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CDN Industry Buzz in January 2023

It’s been two months since our last industry snapshot. Recently, there have been no industry-impacting events. But, in the sign of the times, Netlify has laid off 16% of its staff and Edgio 10%. We understand Edgio’s decision since the merger

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AI Chips: NPU vs. TPU

NPUs and TPUs Neural processing units (NPUs) and tensor processing units (TPUs) are specialized hardware accelerators that are designed to accelerate machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads. NPUs and TPUs are optimized for the mathematical operations that are commonly

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ML Pipeline Tools: Argo Workflows and Kubeflow

ML Pipeline A machine learning (ML) pipeline is a series of steps to build, train, and deploy machine learning models. An ML pipeline typically includes preprocessing data, training models, evaluating models, and deploying models for use in production. ML workflow

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Low Code and No Code Platforms Overview

What is Low Code? Low-code platforms, known as no-code or citizen development platforms, allow users to create and customize applications without extensive programming knowledge. These platforms are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, enabling non-technical users to build custom software

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AWS s2n-quic Overview

s2n-quic is a lightweight implementation of the QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) protocol in the s2n library. s2n is an open-source implementation of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol designed to be simple, small, and fast. The QUIC protocol is

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HTTP/2 vs. HTTP/3

HTTP/3 is the third major version of the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) network protocol used to exchange data on the World Wide Web. It is based on a new transport protocol called QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections), a multiplexed and

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JSON vs. Protocol Buffers vs. Avro

Introduction JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), Protocol Buffers (also known as Protobuf), and Avro are all data serialization formats commonly used to transmit data between systems. These formats allow you to define the structure of the data that needs to be

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