Akamai’s Next Acquisition


Akamai has acquired numerous companies over the years. The list includes Prolexic, Fastsoft, Blaze.io, Cotendo, Verivue, Netli, Speedera and a few others. The acquired companies usually offer services that falls under the CDN umbrella. The services have included video streaming, cloud security, website acceleration, TCP optimization, analytics and so on.

Who is Akamai’s next target? My guess-list includes the following companies: AppEx Networks, Signiant, Aspera, Encoding.com or Aryaka Networks. Aryaka would be the most interesting and most challenging acquisition. Whereas Akamai is a B2C CDN, Aryaka is a B2B Private CDN. However, I’m some carriers and enterprise companies like IBM would put up a fight to acquire Aryaka.

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