Cool Startup: MediaSilo


MediaSilo was founded in 2008 and has received $2.25M in venture funding. It’s HQ is in Boston, MA. They are a “cloud based asset management, sharing and distribution” platform. They assist post production facilities and media companies the tools to ingest, store, tag and deliver media content. Their customers include PBS, MTV, BBC,AOL, Nickelodian and Comedy Central.

Looking deeper into the company, the features they are the following: 1) Solid API service and documentation 2) Support for Amazon S3 and Glacier 3) Asset Management System that enables media companies to store uncompressed mezzanine files 4) Collaboration on files that allows people spread across different regions to access the same files and 5) Fast upload using their own service or Aspera.

MediaSilo is in a growing market segment that only has a handful of similar companies. Their service portfolio is diverse and the company is focused on execution. I think we’ll start seeing more traction in the coming months especially at NAB in 2014.

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