Cool Startup: Instart Logic


Instart Logic, based in the Valley, went live in late 2011 and has landed $17M in funding from high-profile VCs Andreessen Horowitz and Greylock Partners. Its three founders being from Aster Data and Google, they understand big data and big infrastructure very well.

The Instart Logic value proposition is very creative. They claim to be the first and only Web Application Streaming company, focused on content delivery across wireless networks. In my view, they are a CDN focused on mobile application acceleration and delivery.

To some, the streaming part of their value proposition might be confusing. When one thinks of streaming, live streaming, streaming video, and RTMP streaming come to mind. Regardless, the message of Web Application Streaming is both unique and powerful.

Out of all the new CDNs on the market today, Instart Logic and Fastly are my favorites. Instart Logic has done a phenomenal job at branding itself by focusing on a niche in the content delivery value chain.

Their intense dedication to this niche, and not the whole CDN stack, will drive them into the arms of a bigger player quite soon.

My prediction is they get acquired by Akamai or Google.

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