Should AT&T buy Akamai

Seeking Alpha reported that the rumors of a possible acquisition by AT&T were driving up Akamai’s stock price. In such a situation, the rumor could have very well been started by a bored teenager in Australia. Regardless, let’s assess the

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Can EdgeCast Surpass Akamai in 12 Months

I am sure Akamai is regretting their decision not to buy EdgeCast. If not, they will after this post. There are probably a few dozen CDN executives that haven’t considered the repercussions of the Verizon acquisition. I have, and the

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Telco CDN Cost Structure

Telcos from all over the world are getting into the CDN game. Many are licensing CDN platforms, while others are acquiring CDNs; and a few brave souls are trying to build their own. There seems to be an ongoing debate,

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