The Last Man Standing, Kaltura


ThePlatform was acquired by Comcast, Ooyala raised a monster $43M round bringing its total to $122M, and Brightcove is buying Unicorn Media. That leaves Kaltura, as the last man standing. Something’s gotta give, the OVP market is small. Kaltura can’t afford to operate in status-quo mode. It’s going to have to make a move, soon. My prediction is that within the next 60 days they’ll do something significant.

What are some of the choices available to Kaltura? First, Kaltura needs to raise another monster round. Next, it’s going to have to consider potential targets for acquisition. For starters, let’s take off “buying an ad insertion company” off the table. Here are a couple of options:

  • Buy or build a small CDN
  • Buy or build an analytics platform similar to Conviva. OneĀ  can never go wrong with providing too much intelligence on customer behavior

Kaltura needs to take a big risk, and if it pays off, just maybe, they can catapult ahead of Brightcoves $100M in annual revenue. Here is a quote from Einstein for motivation: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

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