Pivot #2 for Limelight Networks: Part 2


Continuing from my previous post, when Limelight Networks gets back to the basics, then I would create a separate group or division, like a company within a company, that is focused on Digital Presence. The Digital Presence team would operate behind the scenes, away from the public eye. LLNW has invested too much time and money to throw this away. The only difference this time, the Digital Presence team would have its own sales team, and support structure, that is focused on marketing departments.

The goal of the Digital Presence team is to build new relationships with CMO’s and their marketing departments. This is a whole different ball game, compared to selling CDN services. Most CMO’s probably never heard of LLNW before, so there won’t be any confusion. All the marketing material, videos, and website for Digital Presence would be put under a sub-domain like digitalpresence.limelight.com, or even separate domain like digitalpresence.com. After one year, the exec team of LLNW can evaluate the progress of the Digital Presence team, and if it does well, then feed it more resources to keep it growing.

The benefit of this approach is twofold: First, LLNW conveys to the public that is all about CDN, and that’s all is does, end-to-end, thus avoiding confusion. Second, LLNW goes after a new vertical that has never heard of LLNW, and is known for paying a premium for value.

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