Revenue per Customer for 4 CDNs

Below are some interesting numbers. I decided to calculate the annual revenue per customer, and compare them across 4 different CDNs. The numbers are guesstimates at best, with the exception of Limelight. Limelight provides the actual number of customers in

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CDNs of the Fortune 50

Finding the CDN of any website is possible with a trace route. In most cases, the trace route can identify the CDN being used. It’s not 100% accurate but it’s good enough. Below are the trace routes for the Fortune

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State of Internap CDN

Internap, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, acquired hosting company iweb on October 2013 for $145M. iweb, which caters to the SMB segment, generated $44M in sales and $11M in EBITA over a 12 month period. Back in 2012, Internap acquired Voxel, an

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