Akamai Delivers 7 Exabytes of Data Transfer Monthly


The Akamai 60 Seconds Dashboard provides enough data to run some rough calculations on monthly data transfer. That is something that I always wondered about. Keep in mind, these are only estimates. The numbers represent peak numbers. Plus, big streaming events are likely to add thousands of TB’s per month.

Akamai Delivers 7 Exabytes of Monthly

  • 162.5TB/60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hrs = 234,000TB / 1,000TB = 234 Petabytes/day
  • 234PB’s/day x 30 days = 7,020PB/month = 7 Exabytes/month

Akamai Writes 90 Trillion Log Lines

  • 2.2 billion log lines/60 seconds x 60 min x 24 hours = 3 trillion/day
  • 3 trillion/day x 30 days = 90 trillion log lines

Are you telling me Akamai delivers 7 Exabytes of data transfer monthly and writes 90 trillion log lines monthly? These numbers can’t be right, its seems ridiculously high. Also, these averages are based on peak numbers. Even so, if the real numbers are 30% of peak, they are still enormous.

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