Welcome, The New & Improved Limelight Networks


I’m on a roll with Limelight Networks (LLNW). In my post dated January 8, 2014, I wrote that Limelight Networks (LLNW) needed to change their value proposition, story, and marketing message. The bottom line, it was confusing, not only to the folks in the CDN industry, but also to companies using CDN services.

Low and behold, I just checked out the LLNW website, and it looks like they have updated their content, and made it more CDN centric. Whether my post had to do anything with the change, or if it was just a coincidence, this is great news for LLNW. I applaud them for making that move. Running a CDN is a tough gig, in order to be successful, the value proposition must be focused on CDN centric features like performance, acceleration, mobile app acceleration, CDN security, & so on.

For LLNW, and other CDNs, there are three paths to choose from 1) the CDN that is marketing focused, going after CMO’s, that has a touch and feel of a Brightcove, with ad insertion technology mixed in 2) CDN that offers CDN centric features, but goes deeper into cloud security, beyond the WAF offering, and starts invading into the territory of a FireEye or Imperva and 3) CDN that offers basic cloud security like WAF, but goes deeper into the intelligence business, offering CDN services and SIEM type functionality. The market size for security and SEIM is much bigger than path #1. I’ll expand on my ideas for the new LLNW in the coming weeks.

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