The Two Big Ideas for Limelight: Part 1

In this 2-part post, I’ll discuss two ideas that can turn Limelight into a multi-billion dollar CDN. These two ideas are “killer”, better than any CDN idea or feature in the last decade. They have the potential to generate billions

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Cool Startup: Yottaa

Yottaa, based in Boston, was founded in April 2009 and has raised $29M in VC funding. They have about 60 employees and counting. I’ve been following them since their inception. Their entry into the CDN market was brilliant. Before they

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Update on the State of Internap’s CDN

In my previous post, I was critical of Internap’s CDN operations. I was convinced that Internap should shut down its CDN operations, sign a CDN reseller agreement, and focus on the hosting business. However, after talking to Pete Mastin, the

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