CDNs of Some Alexa Ranked Sites


Every few weeks, I’ll run trace routes on a particular group of websites, to find out what CDNs are being used. I ran trace routes on the Alexa sites that are ranked #25 through #61, and based in the US. The 25th most visited site is, #26 is, and so on. The full results for the trace routes are in the CDN Stats page.

Below is a summary. I skipped bank sites and adult sites. Akamai came in first place by a large margin. Keep in mind that most high volume websites sometimes use two or more CDNs for delivery. When a CDN delivers the main domain like, we call this full site acceleration.

Summary of Trace Routes (Alexa Sites from #25  – #61)
  • Akamai – 23 websites
  • CloudFlare – 2 website
  • EdgeCast – 1 website
  • Amazon – 1 website
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