Idea for Akamai or Limelight


Instart Logic and Shape Security are two of the hottest startups in the CDN ecosystem. Instart Logic, with its web application streaming technology, and Shape Security, for protecting websites from automated bot armies, are game changers. Traditional CDNs rarely deliver game changing features. They usually introduce features that are very CDN centric, and that fall within their comfort zone. Therefore, I’ll help out a little by looking outside the CDN ecosystem, to other technology niches, and see how current CDNs can prosper from this type of innovation.

The JavaBot or BrowserBot

What do you get when you combine Instart Logic and Shape Security? You get the JavaBot Server and BrowserBot Thin VM Client. Together, they form a security system that defeats the cyber attacks at the browser. The JavaBot server will be similar to the Shapeshifter/AppSequencer, and sit in the CDN POP. The BrowsBot is a Thin VM client created in Javascript, that sits on top the browser, and is similar to the NanoVisor.

Together, the Javabot Server and BrowserBot Thin VM Client work as a coordinated system to propel malware/injection based attacks at the client side, on the browser. The BrowserBot client contains javascript that acts as a filter, and sanitizes the entries or data, to make sure there is malware in the code. If there is any malware code, the BrowserBot stops it in its tracks. This is what I call the offensive security system , attacking malware at the browser level, instead of waiting for it like a sitting duck at the CDN POP or customer perimeter.

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