Most Disruptive Startup in CDN Ecosystem


Over the last month, I’ve researched more than a dozen startups, that partake in the CDN ecosystem. The startups included CDNs, OVPs, File Transfer Platforms, WAN as-a-service, and Cloud Security companies. All startups mentioned in my blog are disruptive, offering “killer” applications, in their respective market.

A few of the startups I’ve covered are Aframe, Brevity, Yottaa, Incapsula, Zscaler, Ooyala, Fastly, Instart Logic, and half dozen more. The addressable market share size for each of the startups varies, with some much larger than others. The WAN market is the largest, and the OVP market is the smallest. Below are some stats on the market size of certain industries.

Aryaka Networks

In my humble opinion, Aryaka Networks is the most disruptive startup in the CDN ecosystem. They have the potential to be the most valuable company on my list, once they go public, surpassing Zscaler, who comes in at 2nd place.

Aryaka, may one day surpass the valuation of Palo Alto Networks, Level 3, Imperva, and Splunk. It might even surpass the valuation of Akamai, if Aryaka makes the right moves, and Akamai continues to operate in its comfort zone; developing a video player and DSA Premier Edition are in the comfort zone. Buying Prolexic is out of the comfort zone.

Tech Industry Market Sizes
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