Akamai Should Acquire Imperva


Akamai’s stock is running wild right now, going through the roof. Revenues are up, and Akamai continues to dominate the CDN ecosystem. Akamai added $2B in valuation over a 1 week period, not too shabby. Akamai has set a milestone to generate $5B in revenue by 2020. Although it has 6 years to reach the milestone, Akamai needs to make a risky bet, that has the potential to transform it into a dominate Cloud Infrastructure provider, on the same level as Amazon. Cloud compute, everyone is doing it, cloud security, not many understand in great depth. It’s extremely complex.

Akamai hasn’t acquired a billion dollar company for the past few years. Maybe its time to do it now. Today, there is one company that’s an incredible fit for Akamai, it’s goes by the name of Imperva.  Imperva is hot, inexpensive, and on a streak. The going price for Imperva is $2.5B, of course that’s my guess. In two years, Imperva will be out of reach. Shlomo Kramer is the visionary genius behind Imperva. He sees things in the security industry like no other.

An Imperva acquisition would catapult Akamai into a dominant security company globally. With its CDN assets and Imperva under one roof, Akamai would be untouchable, for at least a few years. Amazon, IBM, no one, would be able to match Akamai’s security and content delivery capabilities. Well, maybe just one, Google.

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