Latest News on Limelight Networks


Limelight Networks (LLNW), the #3 CDN, has seen its stock price rise steadily over the last week or so, closing at $2.27 per share. While that’s not Akamai type growth, it’s progress nonetheless, especially when considering the price per share was $1.80 a couple of weeks back. As of late, LLNW has been busy getting its name out there in the public eye.

Limelight Back in the Performance Business

Recently, LLNW published a Cedexis performance report showing how their DSA out-performed Akamai DSA, EdgeCast ADN/Transact and Fastly DSA. I haven’t seen this kind of report from Limelight in a while. LLNW should publish a snapshot of the performance report on its homepage, not the blog section, since performance is an important metric for CDN customers. The message should be something to the effect that Limelight is back in the performance business, watch out competitors.

Limelight and Ericsson Partnership

In other news, LLNW is 1 of 3 CDNs that will integrate its CDN platform into the Ericsson’s Media Delivery Network. Ericsson developed a Media Delivery System that assist Network Operators manage and deliver media content, especially Over-The-Top (OTT) content. If a Network Operator like Telmex decides to implement a CDN for it’s back-haul network, the Ericsson Media Delivery Network plugs right into the Telmex ecosystem. LLNW completes the puzzle for the Ericsson solution, since Ericsson doesn’t have a global CDN. LLNW and Ericsson help Network Operators deal with the challenges of last-mile congestion, peering cost and QoS for viewers.

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