Yottaa’s User Engagement Metrics


Yottaa, the fast growing CDN based in Boston, changed its business model a few years after launch. They went from a pure-play CDN, offering the standard CDN features such as WAF, FEO and DSA, to a hybrid CDN focused on user engagement. In order to back up their new business model, they developed a comprehensive set of metrics, that not only speaks to the web engineering team, but to digital marketer and CMO. In another words, Yottaa’s engagement metrics speaks the language of the CMO.

The new business model has been a success. Yottaa has signed up many ecommerce companies, including large corporations, that generate millions of dollars annually on their online storefronts. This is a great story because Yottaa is one of the very few CDNs that has pivoted in a different direction mid-way in their lifecyle, and risked their business in doing so. The decision to pivot was an excellent decision by the Yotta Executive Team.

Although Yottaa is still a pure-play CDN at its core, they now have the tools fight the CDN battle at the CDN level, or the user engagement level. The most interesting feature in their portfolio is the Application Sequencing. This features is similar to Instart Logic’s. The Application Sequencing breaks down files into chunks during the content delivery process, and delivers the most important chunks first, in order to improve the time to interaction and time to render. Below is a summary of Yottaa user engagement metrics.

Yottaa’s User Engagement Metrics
  • Time to Start Render
  • Time to Display
  • Time to Interact
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time on Site
  • Pages per Visit
  • Conversion Rate
  • Abandonment Rate
  • Order Value
  • Application Sequencing
  • Context Intelligence
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