What is a B2B CDN


Aryaka Networks is the leading WAN as-a-Service (WaaS) provider, but it is also a B2B Content Delivery Network. In fact, Aryaka is the only pure-play B2B Content Delivery Network in the market today. If anyone were to start a CDN this year, creating a B2B CDN would be preferable, than to a B2C CDN, like Highwinds. First of all, the B2C CDN market is extremely competitive, that requires heavy investment in infrastructure, and bandwidth, just to be able to compete with other CDNs on a pricing level. 

The other WaaS providers like Pertino are not a B2B CDN, because they don’t have CDN like infrastructure, including caching servers, POPs at the major Internet Exchanges, and CDN like routing schemes. The three major differences between the Aryaka B2B CDN model, and B2C CDN model, where the CDN delivers content to anonymous end users over a website are listed below:

What is a B2B CDN
  • B2B CDN runs over a VPN network, making it a private network, where all users are accounted for, and have user names and passwords
  • B2B CDN operates in a closed network, where access is available only to a corporation and its branch locations, and maybe a few select outside partners. It’s not open to anonymous end users
  • B2B CDN offers technology for both high speed upload, and high performance download, via it’s content delivery network

Why am I writing about this now? Because Aryaka has a major competitor breathing down its neck, that I just discovered yesterday. The competitor is not a CDN, nor an appliance company like Riverbed, but a cyber security company, with a global network. That’s a conversation for the next post.

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