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Contrast Security (CS), founded in 2012, is an up-and-coming startup focused on securing applications during the development, testing and production phases. The founders previously started a consulting company many years back called Aspect Security, that now reviews 50 million lines of code per month, making sure there are no vulnerabilities within their customers application code.

The founding team brings an incredible amount of experience to Contrast Security. The most interesting part is that two of the three founders started OWASP, than spun it off into an open non-profit organization. OWASP is the leading global non-profit organization that focuses web application security, with tens of thousands of members worldwide.

Contrast Security Facts
  • Started: 2012
  • Founders: Jeff Williams, Arshan Dabirsiaghi and Dave Wichers
  • Product: Application security tool for detecting and mitigating vulnerabilities within the code and libraries
  • Founding members also started OWASP

Contrast Security offers an automated tool that reviews every single line of code in real time, looking out for vulnerabilities by identifying issues with code, libraries or run-time configurations. One of the prevalent trends today is that developers use open source code, specifically libraries, when developing their own internal applications.

It makes life easier using existing libraries, in that it saves developers an incredible amount of development time. However, using libraries without thoroughly analyzing every single line of code, poses a big problem down the line, because if there is an issue with even a single line of code, or syntax, it opens up the entire application to vulnerabilities. CS solves this problem by ensuring the code within the libraries are the latest versions with all the necessary security patches, and secure enough to be used as a component of the larger application.

Summary of Features
  • Automated real time analysis of custom code and libraries
  • Applications are analyzed while they are being coded
  • Validation tools enable efficient remediation of code issues
  • Dashboards visualizes all the security based activities throughout application life cycle
  • Service offered as an onsite product or SaaS
  • Service takes minutes to set up Cool Startup Contrast Security


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