Quick Update: Akamai expanding in LatAm


Congrats to Akamai for having won “The Best Places to Work” award in Central America. Akamai is expanding aggressively in LatAm, with plans to ramp up to 100 employees in Cost Rica by the end of 2015. Akamai is bent on challenging Level 3 in LatAm, where Level 3 has been the dominant LatAm CDN for many years. Level 3 remains a top CDN in LatAm, leveraging its infrastructure assets there, to gain more CDN customers. However, it’s only a matter of time, before Akamai dominates the CDN landscape in LatAm.

Level 3 has an extensive infrastructure in most LatAm countries, especially in Brazil, the largest and fastest growing region in LatAm. They have dozens of data centers, and more than 12,000 miles of fiber spread across different countries. The last number I heard, Level 3 had about 1,000 employees there, where most of them came from the acquisition of Global Crossing.  Comparing Akamai to Level 3 from a pure CDN perspective, Akamai has a larger CDN workforce and POP footprint. I’m sure we’ll here more about Akamai’s expansion plans in LatAm, in the coming months.

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