Limelight Faster than Akamai, EdgeCast and Fastly


Limelight Networks (LLNW) is stepping up to the plate, in a big way. Enterprise Strategy Group, and established research company, validated LLNW’s claims that the performance of theirĀ  dynamic content acceleration service is faster than Akamai, EdgeCast and Faslty, based on Cedexis. This is interesting because it’s the first we’ve heard from LLNW in a while.

LLNW has come out swinging hard against its competitors. All the CDN noise in the market place has been about Akamai, EdgeCast and Fastly. But with this report, LLNW is putting the world on notice, that they are here, alive and kicking strong. That’s good for LLNW, they are trying to get their mojo back. As far as who is faster than who, I’ll let Akamai, EdgeCast, and Fastly defend themselves.

Fastly should consider themselves fortunate, that they were included in the performance comparison, as it validates their growing presence. As for Akamai and EdgeCast, Akamai is a $10B CDN, and EdgeCast is Verizon, I think they’ll be okay. Also, lets keep in mind that LLNW is the most important CDN in the ecosystem, because if they reach $1B valuation in the stock market, it’s going to have a big impact on the valuation on all independent CDNs. Here are the Cedexis results of the performance test.

Lab Results for LLNW DSA
  • 10% Faster than EdgeCast Transact
  • 12% Faster than EdgeCast ADN
  • 16% Faster than Akamai DSA
  • 21% Faster than Fastly DSA
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