Quick Update: Fastly in the Wholesale CDN Business


Fastly, the rapidly growing CDN that plans on becoming a Tier 1 CDN in short order, has just signed up a major hosting company called DreamHost. DeamHost is a well known global hosting  brand, that’s very innovate. DreamHost is the company behind Ceph, the popular open source object storage platform and file system. For Fastly, this means they are now officially in the CDN Wholesale business.

Fastly will use this big win to attract more hosting companies and Telcos, with their wholesale CDN offering.  Wholesale CDN is the best route to go for many hosting and telecom companies. Building a CDN from scratch is very expensive, time consuming, and loaded with headaches. For many infrastructure providers, partnering with a CDN via a wholesale arrangement, is the best decision, as they are able integrate the CDN platform quickly, and start reselling CDN services immediately. I expect to see more wholesale wins from Fastly in the next few months.

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