Cool Startup: Seculert


Seculert, an Israeli startup founded in 2010, offers a next generation cloud-based advance threat management system that detects, and eliminates botnets. The founding team has decades of experience working for top tier security companies. The Seculert platform is easy to use, affordable and feature rich. Recently, the company won an award at the RSA conference in San Francisco. And fortunately for them, they have gained nationwide recognition, by being an active partner of Target, helping them with their recent security breach.

Seculert Background
  • Started in 2010
  • Raised $15.4M
  • LinkedIn Employee Count: 33
  • HQ: Petach Tikvah, Israel
  • Founders: Dudi Matot, Aviv Raff and Alex Milstein
  • Product: Cloud-based Advanced Threat Management Platform
  • Service: Identifies threats inside and outside the firewall
Platform Summary

Seculert offers a cloud based artificially intelligent advanced threat detection platform that analyzes network activity, inside and outside the firewall, and more importantly, activity amongst mobile devices and remote locations. The platform compliments existing legacy-based security systems. It may even be activated after the malware has been detected in the corporate network.

A key feature of the platform is that once it detects a botnet, it infects its own systems, and becomes a part of the botnet, in order to study its behavior over a long period of time. Thereafter, it will detect all command and control systems, and kill them off from the corporate global network.

Feature Set
  • 100% Cloud based solution
  • No hardware or software
  • Browser based dashboards
  • Works inside and outside the firewall
  • Uses sinkhole techniques and other methods
  • No false positives, ever
  • Studies botnet behavior over time, in order to kill them out
  • APIs enable it to integrate into firewalls and SIEMS
  • Elastic Sandbox technology is used to study and profile malware
  • Traffic Log Analysis is a big data platform that analyzes large amount of log data to identify malware

Seculert rocks. It’s a high end system, that is affordable, easy to use, and entirely cloud based. Best of all, they offer a free trial account. That’s a great move, as it will allow enterprises to try it out, then get them hooked, making it harder for them to leave. With new funding on hand, the company is rapidly expanding its feature set, and adding headcount. Their timing is perfect, as many enterprises are looking for an affordable solution to rid themselves of the pesky botnet problem.  Cool Startup: Seculert

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