Food for Thought: The CyberSecurity CDN Platform by Incapsula & Akamai


Akamai and Incapsula offer the most extensive security feature set in the CDN ecosystem today, including a web application firewall, DDoS protections for the different layer attacks, and botnet protection tools. However, there is one missing piece to the security puzzle, and that is the ability to protect against APT and Advanced Malware. The way it works now, any online company that wants to protect against malware and DDoS, must use two different cloud providers: a cybersecurity cloud platform and CDN.

However, I’m betting that it is only a matter of time before Akamai and Incapsula roll out some sort of hybrid cybersecurity CDN platform that protects against APT’s and Advanced Malware. The new platform will be able to prevent, detect, and react in real time to advanced threats. The cybersecurity CDN platform will incorporate advanced algorithms, that enable it to learn its surroundings, and act in real time to threats. For Akamai, who has 10,000 POPs, this is going to be a massive undertaking, as a probe or application will most likely need be present at every POP, or close to it. Maybe.

For Incapsula, that means it must incorporate more Imperva like functionality into the Incapsula CDN platform. For Akamai, that means it has to go out and buy a cybersecurity platform that has that capability, and integrate it into the Akamai CDN platform. A good target for them is Lastine, the FireEye like company.

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