1st Quarter 2014 CDN Industry Updates


The first quarter of 2014 has been an extremely busy one for the CDN industry. There has been major activity across the entire spectrum, from the startups, all the way up to Akamai. The top three events for 2014 are the following: 1) Verizon’s acquisition of EdgeCast, 2) Akamai’s acquisition of Prolexic and 3) Imperva’s acquisition of Incapsula. These events will change the outlook of the competition, and introduce new business models, and new entrants. We are passed the stages of CDN performance, caching and streaming. We are now in the era of the new hybrid CDN business model. 

1st Quarter 2014 CDN Industry Updates
  • Akamai touches $11B Market Cap, reaching the previous heights of the 1st dot com era
  • EdgeCast is acquired by Verizon Digital Media Services
  • Akamai acquires Prolexic
  • Fastly adds 3 high profile executives from Google, Dyn and Chef Software
  • Level 3 – it’s all is quiet in land of Telco CDN
  • Limelight – Customer and employee churn stabilizes
  • NetDNA rolls up under MaxCDN
  • Instart Logic signs up a few Akamai customers
  • CloudFlare acquires a malware scanning company
  • Aryaka Networks continues on its high, signing up more than 125 customers
  • Imperva acquires Incapsula, the first CDN of its kind, bridging the gap between pure-play cloud security and pure-play CDN
  • Uplynk Verizon drops the ball streaming for the Oscars
  • Brightcove drops the ball and acquires an ad company by the name of Unicorn
  • Nginx receives $10M in funding, and hires a CEO, who is from the executive ranks of Red Hat
  • Yottaa creates a new business model, focused on user engagement, mobility, and application sequencing in the browser
  • Kaltura receives $47M infusion of cash
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