Part 2: Limelight Networks is Faster than Akamai, EdgeCast and Fastly


Last week, Limelight Networks (LLNW) published a Cedexis performance report that demonstrated their DSA was faster than Akamai DSA, EdgeCast ADN/Transact and Fastly DSA. Thereafter, they hired a reputable research company to validate their claims. This week, LLNW ran a Gomez Last Mile test providing further evidence that its CDN is the faster than Akamai and EdgeCast. Although no specific percentages were provided this time, it’s still news worthy, as LLNW is investing the resource to take its platform to the next level of performance. 

Will Akamai respond to LLNW published performance test? No. Akamai is too busy focusing on the big picture, and meticulously planning its next acquisition. Will EdgeCast respond to LLNW assertions? If it is the old EdgeCast that I know of, most definitely. Will Fastly respond? I hope so, especially now that they have a five star web performance infrastructure team in place.

Click here for the Limelight’s testing methodology.

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