Incapsula is Growing Up Fast


It seems like Incapsula is growing up quickly, having recently added points of presence (POPs) in Paris, Seattle and Dallas, bringing its total to sixteen data centers. Today, there is no disputing the fact that Incapsula is now a global Content Delivery Network, with presence in North America, Europe and APAC. The Miami POP covers LatAM, and Frankfurt addresses the Middle East, as most countries there peer in Frankfurt.

Incapsula has a total bandwidth capacity that exceeds 630Gbps. As they start adding POPs, the bandwidth will follow. I bet that Incapsula continues to add POPs until they have a similar footprint to EdgeCast, Aryaka and Limelight. In my opinion, the ideal number of POPs for any CDN is 25 to 30. Any more than that is overkill. Once 25-30 POPs is reached, it’s better to scale upwards, adding more servers, and bandwidth, than it is to scale horizontally, adding more POP’s with less hardware.

The next regions for POP build out will most likely be San Paulo and Madrid. Incapsula should try to build POPs in those difficult regions, like Mumbai, Bangalore, Shanghai, Moscow, Seoul, and Buenos Aires. These tend to be areas that CDNs shy away from, with exception of Akamai and Aryaka. By year end Incapsula will top 1Tbps of bandwidth capacity. It should do more if it can, cause I have a gut feeling we are going to start seeing some 700Gbps DDoS attacks.

Incapsula is Growing Up Fast (16 POPs)
  • North America: Los Angeles, Seattle, San Jose, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Ashburn and New York
  • Europe: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Tel Aviv
  • APAC: Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney
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