Cool Startup: Verdasys


Verdasys, the leading cyber-security company of content aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for endpoints, started in 2003, and has raised $41M to date. Their DLP platform detects and stops the leakage of sensitive data. According to Gartner, Verdasys is a leader in this category, protecting large enterprise customers, and government agencies all over the world. A new CEO just took the helm, having previously worked for McAfee, as the VP and General Manager of Security.

Now that cyber attacks have taken center stage in the technology world, as nation-states, hactivist, and criminal cyber gangs launch attacks on a massive scale against institutions, like never seen before, only means that there’s nothing but huge upside for Verdasys. Their DLP Platform is called Digital Guardian, and is a comprehensive platform that integrates with other leading security platforms such as FireEye. Their mission is to complete the security picture, and protect endpoints devices and everything in between.

Company Background
  • Started: 2003
  • Raised: $41M in funding
  • Linkedin Employee Count: 144
  • C Level: Ken Levine (CEO), Stephen Gregorio (CFO) and Bill Ledingham (CTO)
  • Product: Advanced Data Loss Protection for Endpoints
  • Service: Detects and stops leakage of sensitive data
  • 2M Endpoint Agents Deployed
  • Customers: Fortune 1000, Government Agencies and Mid-market
  • Gartner 2013 Magic Quadrant Leader for Content Aware DLP
  • Price: $6 to $14 per user per month
Platform Features
  • Advanced DLP platform incorporating algorithms that prevent, detect and stop threats on the inside and outside
  • Behavioral detection rules that recognize anomalous behavioral on endpoints
  • Platform offers high level of event visibility and incorporates an advanced correlation engine
  • Platform has three components: DG Endpoint Agents, APT Detection Module and Network and Gateway Solution
  • DG Endpoint Agents: prevents, detects and contains malware activities on end points
  • APT Detection Module: an advanced malware tool that incorporates signature-less technology to detect malware via an automated behavioral analysis engine in physical memory
  • Prevention and Containment Controls include: incident alert, user prompting, file encryption, and blocking of malicious activity on systems, applications, file and network Cool Startup: Verdasys
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