Recap on the 17 US-based CDNs


Over the last few months, we have researched, and reported on seventeen US based Content Delivery Networks. With the exception of Akamai, most CDNs can be grouped together by the type of functionality they offer customers. Most CDNs specialize in being the best in a few categories. Specialization is the way to go for the startup CDN, at least for the first few years, until they build an extensive customer base, and a consistent monthly cash flow stream.

Akamai and Level 3 are the best fit for streaming national live events, such as the Oscars and Super Bowl. Yottaa and Limelight are best suited for providing User Engagement metrics. Fastly, EdgeCast and Limelight are the fastest CDNs. Below are the categories that we have observed over the last several months. This doesn’t mean that a CDN is restricted to one single category. It just means the CDNs are really good in one or two areas, creating more value than the competition. The newest category of 2014, and the most exciting is the CyberSecurity CDN.

 CDN Categories
  • CyberSecurity CDNs: Incapsula, Akamai and CloudFlare
  • Performance: Fastly, EdgeCast and Limelight
  • User Engagement: Yottaa and Limelight Networks
  • Global Live Streaming: Akamai and Level 3
  • Largest eCommerce Sites: Akamai and EdgeCast
  • Deepest Feature Set: Akamai, EdgeCast and Limelight
  • Wireless Last Mile: Instart Logic and Yottaa
  • Most Specialized: Instart Logic
  • Strongest Executive Team: Fastly
  • Most Potential for Big IPO: Aryaka Networks
  • Most Likely to get Acquired First: Instart Logic
  • Largest 3rd Party App Support: MaxCDN Recap on the 17 US-based CDNs
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