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BioCatch, an Israeli startup with US offices in Boston is an up-and-coming cyber security company, offering a new cutting edge technology in the field of Identify and Access Management (IAM). The platform is an advanced behavioral authentication system that works with mobile apps, online businesses and eCommerce. One of the key differentiators of BioCatch is that it performs continuous authentication, via its advanced behavioral analytics platform, making it more difficult for hackers to breach online businesses.

The founding team includes Uri Rivner, a well-known cyber security expert and public speaker, who previously worked for RSA as the Head of Technology. The entire BioCatch team brings a tremendous amount of experience to this startup. Currently, they offer two products: CyberCatch and MobiCatch. CyberCatch is for online banking, eCommerce, online payment systems and online businesses. MobiCatch is for smart devices, tablets and mobile applications.

Whereas many IAM systems work on passive techniques and methods, BioCatch is a proactive system that approaches the problem from an entirely different perspective, injecting code known as an “invisible challenge response” that helps in the creation of a unique behavioral end user profile. Thus, if a hacker steals the credentials of a user, and tries to long into their account, the BioCatch platform analyzes their activity, compares it to the legitimate user, and if it notices any anomalies, the platforms shuts them out.

The BioCatch technology is powerful, easy to use, and developed specifically for protecting against the advanced cyber criminal. My prediction is they get acquired by RSA. BioCatch would also be a nice addition to a CDN like EdgeCast or Akamai, that have dozens of eCommerce customers. BioCatch is a definite game changer in the field of Identity and Access Management.

Company Background
  • Started: 2010
  • Raised: $1M+ in funding
  • Linkedin Employee Count: 12
  • Co-founders: Benny Rosenbaum (CEO), Uri Rivner (VP Biz Dev & Strategy) and Avi Turgeman (CTO)
  • Product: Behavioral Biometric Authentication for mobile and online applications
  • Service: Identity protection against advanced cyber threats, remote access attacks and Man-in-the-Browser attacks
  • Customers: Large enterprises and mid-market
  • Gartner 2013 Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management
 Platform Features
  • Core feature: behavioral analytics platform that continuously learns from user activity enabling the creation of a robust end user profile
  • Platform identifies anomalies and spots unauthorized hacker activity in near real time
  • Collects behavioral biometric data from end user keystrokes
  • Injects an “invisible challenge response” into the online application for each user
  • Platform is extremely accurate, being able to identify real users from cyber criminals
  • Used for online banking, online business and eCommerce
  • MobiCatch: solution for smartphone and tablets
  • CyberCatch: solution for online businesses
  • Protects against Man-in-the-Browser Attacks and Remote Access/Admin Tools (RAT)  Cool Startup BioCatch
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