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George Kurtz and Dmitri Alperovitch started CrowdStrike after Google was hacked in Operation Aurora back in 2009. CrowdStrike got off to a fast start raising $56M within a three year period. Even though CrowdStrike is a relatively young startup, it has made tremendous strides in growing all facets of the business. CrowdStrike is winning many new customers amongst the Fortune 1000 and government sector. CrowdStrike has made a name for itself in helping US organizations fight against state sponsored cyber attacks.

It also doesn’t hurt that a big part of their staff are from the intelligence and defense industries. Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder and CTO is a globally recognized cyber security expert, assisting organizations combat the most dangerous attacks from government sponsored threat actors. Dmitri Alperovitch is to state sponsored threat actors to what Brian Krebs is to Eastern European hackers. That’s a job that’s definitely not in the cards for me. CrowdStrike offers a cloud based cyber security platform, endpoint security, managed security services and SecOps staff augmentation.  CrowdStrike reminds me of another company I’ve been following for a while, FireEye.

Company Background
  • Company: CrowdStrike
  • Started: 2011
  • Raised: $56M in funding
  • Linkedin Employee Count: 84
  • Co-founders: George Kurtz (CEO), Dmitri Alperovitch (CTO) and Greg Marston (CFO)
  • Product: Threat detection and protection platform leveraging the cloud and endpoint security
  • Value Prop: Protects against zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats and malware
  • Professional Services: offers staff augmentation, professional services, manage services and pre/post incident response
  • Customers: Government agencies, Fortune 1000, and mid-market
 Product Features
  • Four products are currently available: Falcon Host, Falcon Intelligence, Falcon DNS and Falcon Managed Protect
  • Falcon Host: Endpoint product that detects, prevents, and stops malware and zero-day threats
  • Falcon Intelligence: Portal that provides detailed analysis and metrics that feeds into a 3rd party SIEM’s
  • Falcon DNS: Cloud services that blocks malicious DNS attacks
  • Falcon Managed Protect: Intrusion detection service that monitors and identifies advanced malware and threat activity on its own platform and 3rd party security products
  • Endpoint product is based on Stateful Execution Inspection technology Cool Company CrowdStrike
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