CDN Ecosystem 3.0


This is the third update to the CDN Ecosystem diagram which includes a new section for the infrastructure CDN. The Infrastructure CDN is the CDN that has 10,000+ caching servers in production, located at various POPs throughout the globe.  The diagram is an attempt to illustrate the position each player occupies within the CDN Ecosystem. The sections of the diagram represent a functionality type, such as mobile specialization, security, user engagement, and so on. There are currently 17 CDNs based in the US. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll introduce three more updated versions of the diagram, concluding with CDN Ecosystem 6.0.

 Recap of CDN Functionalities
  • CyberSecurity CDN: Security features extend beyond WAF
  • Infrastructure CDN: 10,000+ caching servers in production
  • Mobile: High focus on the acceleration of apps on the mobile last mile
  • 1M+ Live Streams: Support 1+ million simultaneous live streams
  • Low Profile CDN: Moderate growth over the last decade
  • General Purpose CDN: Offers caching, VOD delivery & live streaming
  •  User Engagement: Extensive feature set for CMO’s
  • VOD: Large scale VOD delivery
  • eCommerce: Offers DSA, FEO, mobile detect/redirect, rules engine and PCI compliant platform

CDN Ecosystem 3.0


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