Just Experienced Another DDoS Attack


Bizety’s infrastructure providers are currently experiencing a DDoS attack. A couple of months back, Bizety experienced its first DDoS attack when StatCounter and Aweber, two vendors we use for plugin functionality, got hit in a massive DDoS attack in a back-to-back fashion. Now, the data center company providing facilities to WPEngine is experiencing a DDoS attack. Bizety currently host their WordPress blog with WPEngine, the leader in WordPress Hosting. An attack on the data center company which provides facilities to WPEngine that in turn provides WordPress Hosting to Bizety is an attack on the entire food chain.   

It’s not a big deal if a DDoS attack happens to a WordPress plugin provider since only the plugin goes down. But an attack on WPEngine is not good, since it brings down the entire website. I just had a feeling this was bound to happen soon, especially when you write a great deal about DDoS attacks as a blogger. I have no idea what data center company WPEngine uses but I’m guessing it’s not Equinix or another Tier 1 data center provider. DDoS is a part of life, DDoSh..T happens, it’s cool, but it’s still annoying. I don’t want to throw WPEngine’s data center company under the bus, but all I can say is “common man”. You should have prepared for a DDoS attack. DDoS attacks are a normal occurrence for CDNs, ISP’s, and Hosting Companies. This shouldn’t happen again. Data Center Company, please call up Akamai, and sign up for their Prolexic DDoS protection services.

My Friends at WPEngine, your service rocks and is the best on the planet, but let’s build in some redundancy in there, and sign up with a secondary data center provider. I would even go back to the data center company your using now, and tell them to create a DDoS mitigation plan, so next time a DDoS..T happens, websites don’t go down.   Just Experienced Another DDoS Attack

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