MaxCDN ups its Security Capabilities


MaxCDN, one of the fastest growing startup CDNs, has integrated Sucuri’s WAF (web application firewall) and IDS (intrusion detection system) into its CDN platform. Sucuri is one of the leading security companies protecting more than 1 million websites, and cleaning up 300 to 500 websites per day from malware. This is a great move on MaxCDN’s part, as they are now capable of offering customers DDoS protection at Layer’s 3, 4 & 7. The DDoS protection offering, especially at Layer 7 is a must these days for a CDN, since the majority of successful online companies are getting attacked.

MaxCDN joins the elite CDN WAF crowd that includes Akamai, Incapsula, CloudFlare and Yottaa. The value proposition for MaxCDN, it offers one of the easiest CDN account setups in the industry, requiring that customers only have a low-to-mid level technical background. The new MaxCDN WAF offering is now available to MaxCDN customers at the click of a button, or what they call opt-in. I predict by year end, all CDNs without a WAF product will have one in place, or at least those that are serious about offering a robust security feature set to their customers.  MaxCDN ups its Security Capabilities     

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