Cool Startup: Spikes Inc.


Spikes, Inc., a startup based in Silicon Valley started in 2012, and has raised $1M in funding. They offer a highly secure, hardened web browser system that protects companies against browser-borne malware. Next to email, the browser is the most important application in the enterprise. In many cases, hackers prefer to attack the browser, using a variety of methods such as SQL injections.  The product called AirGap Web Security, isolates Internet browsing activity to a VM that destroys itself after the session ends, air gapping (separating) the session from the corporate network.

The AirGap Browser system is comprised of two components: an appliance or server software that runs outside the firewall, and an AirGap Viewer that sits on the desktop. AirGap offers protection above and beyond the standard sandbox technologies, where there’s always the chance the malware escapes the endpoint container. Spikes ensures that their AirGap technology is more secure, easier to use, easier to implement, and not as complex at sandbox technology. Spikes Inc offers a cutting edge technology product that is backed by a seasoned executive team. I expect big things from this company. It would also be a nice acquisition for Akamai.

Company Background
  • Started: 2012
  • Raised: $1M in Funding
  • Linkedin Employee Count: 19
  • Executives: Branden Spikes (Founder & CEO) and Scott Alexander (COO)
  • Product: Highly secure, hardened virtual browser
  • Functionality: Stops browser-borne malware by isolating end user Internet activity from the corporate network
  • Customers: Enterprise and mid-market
  • Hardened, high secure virtual browser system comprised of server component and desktop viewer
  • AirGap is offered as an appliance or server software
  • Security Benefits: Physical isolation, connection isolation, session isolation and malware isolation
  • Physical isolation: network and hardware isolated from malware
  • Connection isolation: client and server communication managed by encrypted connection that malware can’t exploit
  • Session isolation: web session is launched within isolated VM running on its specialized hardware that is destroyed after each session
  • Malware isolation: if malware reaches AirGap server, it  remains isolated in the VM, with no access to any network resources
  • Internet surfing activity takes place in the viewer, separated from the actual browser providing an “air gap” Cool Startup: Spikes Inc.
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