Akamai vs Limelight Networks 2.0 vs EdgeCast

Akamai is the #1 CDN in the ecosystem, followed by EdgeCast and Limelight Networks, respectively. Akamai is the only CDN in the ecosystem that offers every type of CDN functionality, as displayed in the diagram below. EdgeCast is a close number 2 that lacks only a web application firewall before it catches up to Akamai on a feature set basis. In the diagram below, the middle circle represents a CDN that plays in every CDN niche whether its live streaming, security, mobile, or anything else. Limelight Networks is right behind EdgeCast, being the #3 CDN. If they make a play for Alert Logic, they will also move into the middle circle of the diagram. In fact, Limelight Networks will become the #2 CDN after Akamai, followed by EdgeCast. The diagram below illustrates the spot LLNW would occupy with the Alert Logic acquisition.

CDN Ecosystem Diagram
CDN Ecosystem Diagram

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  1. Thanks for the info. On my opinion, Edgecast has fairly become one of the leaders in the industry. Personally i choose this CDN for my websites. It has SuperPOPs (points of presence) that are located on five continents. Those SuperPOPs allow the end user to get content almost instantly from the location that is the closest to the user. So the user definitely becomes a loyal visitor and comes back over an over again.
    Also the speed of a website affects the position of the website in all search engines. The faster the website is the higher search engine rankings it has.
    Edgecast constantly works to overperform other CDN networks improving its services. So the website’s owner may be ensure that his website is fast, secured and optimized with Edgecast. But i’d say that buying the cdn’s services through its resellers (like http://jodihost.com, for example) doesn’t require long-term contracts and can cost cheaper.

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