CDNs Need to Catch up to Incapsula on DDoS Reporting


Akamai does the entire technology industry a huge favor by providing the public with detailed quarterly DDoS reports. Incapsula does the same, and takes it a step further by posting data on specific DDoS attacks, describing the attack types and resolution. To my knowledge, I haven’t seen other CDNs report on DDoS attacks in the same manner. One of the main themes in the InfoSec world is information sharing. The majority of security companies from the smallest, to the largest share intelligence on attack types, and resolution. The reason they do this is to prepare the industry so the same attacks don’t round-robin amongst different security companies.   

 CDNs need to Imitate Incapsula on DDoS Reporting

CDNs like Akamai, EdgeCast, Limelight and Level 3 need to do the same thing, and share DDoS intelligence on their blogs. Not only does it help the entire CDN ecosystem, but it tells customers and the public that CDNs are on top of their game in taking care of the annoying DDoS problem. CDNs should make it a central theme in their security planning. How should it look and feel? It should be similar to Incapsula.

Incapsula has taken DDoS reporting to an unprecedented level in the CDN industry, sharing detailed data on specific DDoS attacks. CDN collaboration on this scale is going to make the online world a more secure place, where consumers feel safe about transacting business online. Once the large CDNs start the DDoS reporting trend, the entire startup CDN ecosystem will follow.

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