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ZeroFOX, based in Baltimore MD is up-and-coming security company that started in 2013, and has received over $12M in funding. ZeroFOX is backed by seasoned security executives from the likes of FireEye, Symantec, Barracuda Networks, McAfee, Fortify and Verdasys. ZeroFOX offers an advanced cloud-based security platform that protects enterprises, and government agencies from social media attacks against their employees. Social media is now one of the largest attack vectors in the industry, enabling hackers to impersonate or compromise employee credentials in the social realm, whether employees use social media for personal or business use.

The social media paradigm is presenting enterprises with new security challenges unlike ever before. According to the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigative Report, about one-third of attacks occur at the social media level. ZeroFOX is in a great position, being one of the very few companies protecting enterprises in the social media space. ZeroFOX has all the elements in place to be a very successful cyber security company. They are loaded at the executive ranks, and have the first mover advantage. Below is a snapshot.

 Company Background
  • Started: 2013
  • Raised: $12.3M
  • Linkedin Employee Count: 43
  • Investors: New Enterprise Associates, Core Capital and Genacast Ventures
  • Executives: James Foster (Founder & CEO) and Evan Blair (COO)
  • Product: Cyber security platform that protects enterprises against social media attacks
  • Value Prop: Offers a complete suite of services for detecting, preventing, and mitigating attacks that target employees who use social media for personal or business use
  • Customers: Large enterprise, government agencies and mid-market
  • Platform uses a predictive engine, and big data to protect enterprises against the following attacks: phising, social engineering, malware, fraud and impersonations
  • Product line consist of Asset Cloud, Cyber Cloud, Identity Cloud and Data Cloud
  • Asset Cloud: free service that discovers social media assets such as web pages, people and accounts, then catalogs them, keeping track of assets especially as number of employees grows
  • Cyber Cloud: Threat analytics solution that detects, analyzes traffic, and alert customers to attacks happening against employees, customers or partners that are using social media for personal or business use
  • Integrates with 3rd Party SIEMs such as Splunk and ArcSight.
  • Identity Cloud: Service that detects and stops fraud, social engineering and impersonations. Comes packed with dashboards that visualize intelligence. Identifies and mitigate risks, tracking employees anywhere in the world as they log into social media platforms
  • Data Cloud: Extends ZeroFOX feature-set to 3rd party applications via API. Provides access to social threat data, and monitors/detects internal data sharing platforms from malware, data exfiltration and malicious activity Cool Company: ZeroFox
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