CDN Ecosystem Diagram 7.0


Previously, we stated that CDN Ecosystem Diagram 6.0 was the last diagram of its kind. However, since we have new information, the CDN Ecosystem Diagram has been updated accordingly. The diagram visualizes where each CDN lies within the ecosystem. Akamai offers every service available to a CDN. Edgecast and Limelight Networks are close behind, missing only a WAF (web application firewall) product. All other CDNs are classified as specialist, offering high quality services in one or two areas, such as security, user engagement, live streaming, WAN as-a-service, and so on.

The new diagram makes room for OnApp, which provides CDN in-a-box functionality. Our plans were not include OnApp in the diagram, however, the recent incident between CDNify and OnApp changed our minds. As CDNify recently found out, OnApp is not the ideal fit for its business model. The goal of the diagram is to provide readers with relevant information into the strengths of specific CDNs, and how they compare with other CDNs in the industry. Below is the CDN Ecosystem Diagram 7.0.

CDN Ecosystem Diagram
CDN Ecosystem Diagram
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