Akamai 1st Mile to Last Mile Packet Security


Below is a high level CDN concept that I refer to as the Akamai End-to-End Packet Security Flow. Its named after Akamai because they’re the only CDN that can afford to do it. The concept has four main pieces: Akamai Firewall, Akamai ATP, Akamai DDoS and Akamai Edge SIEM. The concept is to end-to-end security starting from packet origination, to delivery that’s close to the last mile, being 1 hop away from the end user. The Akamai Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) protects against advanced malware and zero day attacks. The Akamai SIEM is used for collection and correlation of raw log data. In addition, the Akamai end-to-end security platform would have hooks into the popular security platforms like Splunk, FireEye, ArcSight, and so on.

  • Akamai Firewall/VPN: Akamai establishes a presence in the 1st mile, something it hasn’t done before
  • Akamai ATP Platform: Protects against advance malware and advanced persistent threats
  • Akamai DDoS: Integrates Prolexic into the firewall, ATP and SIEM offering
  • Akamai SIEM: Cloud based application used for the collection and correlation of raw log data
  • Security Dashboard: Visualizes packets as they travel from the 1st mile to the last mile

Akamai End To End Security

Akamai 1st Mile to Last Mile Packet Security

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