The Next Phase of Instart Logic


Instart Logic, one of the most innovative startups in the Content Delivery Network Ecosystem has just raised $26M in Series C, bringing its total to $43M. For a CDN, that’s a massive amount. The last time I talked to Manav (CEO) a few months back, Instart Logic was on an uptick, closing lots of deals, hiring more staff, and expanding its infrastructure. The executive team has a long term vision of where they want to be in a few years, backed by a compelling value proposition, and strong focus on being the best in web application streaming for eCommerce, dynamic content acceleration, and content delivery over the wireless last mile.

Instart Logic is a good case study for a venture backed, fast growing, startup CDN. In just a few short months, Instart Logic has rolled out many new features, including a middle mile optimization service, Level 1 PCI Compliant network, broader support for different kinds of content formats, and an increase in POP count. The new venture funding provides the needed investment that will help them expand the feature set, and even the playing field with Akamai. Instart Logic gets an “A’ grade for product roadmap execution. In short, Instart Logic is raising and setting the bar higher for all CDNs.

If there is one CDN in the CDN ecosystem that should be paying close attention, it’s Limelight Networks. Instart Logic is changing the game for good.

Instart Logic Infrastructure

Instart Logic now has 30 POPs, the ideal POP count for a CDN, just like Limelight Networks, EdgeCast, Level 3, and now Incapsula. In regards to its feature set, Instart Logic has rolled out its “Global Network Accelerator”, a middle mile optimization solution that puts it in direct competition to Akamai DSA/FEO and EdgeCast Application Delivery Network. Next, the Instart Logic network is now Level 1 PCI Compliant, the only PCI level that really matters for a CDN. That means Instart Logic is following OWASP best practices, just like a few other CDNs, in separating the secure HTTPS traffic from the non-secure HTTP traffic. All CDNs should follow suit and separate secured from non-secured traffic. Lastly, Instart Logic has created a product for DDoS protection, at Layer 3 and 4.

Conclusion: Instart Logic is on the same road to success as Cotendo and EdgeCast Networks. The new funding puts Instart Logic on the CDN map for good. The additional money will allow them to add more staff, expand its infrastructure vertically, and roll out new features consistently. The next feature that Instart Logic should put on its roadmap is a Web Application Firewall (WAF). The Instart Logic WAF will enable it to offer DDoS Protection at Layer 7, plus offer protection against application layer attacks. The Next Phase of Instart Logic

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