Cool Startup: FireLayers


FireLayers, an Israeli security company based in San Francisco started in 2013, and is looking to change the game of securing cloud applications like Saleforce, Workday, MS Office 365, Box, NetSuite and Workday. The company was founded by Yair Grindlinger and Doron Elgressy, two veterans of the security industry. FireLayers has received an undisclosed amount from YL Ventures, and is expecting to close another round later this year. As the industry shifts from the backend business application environment to the cloud, InfoSec teams are being challenged like never before, finding it difficult to satisfy their security, compliance and governance requirements.

FireLayers aims to change that with their advanced policy-based security platform that enables customers to create granular custom rule-sets to protect their specific cloud application environment. FireLayers is different from the competition. Whereas the competition uses a one-size fits all approach, treating all their customers cloud application environments the same, FireLayers is different in that its solution is tailored to meet the needs of each enterprise. We all understand that no two customer business cloud application environments are the same. We’ll be keeping track of FireLayers throughout the year. We expect to see them hit some major milestones by the end of the year.

Company Background
  • Started: 2013
  • Raised: Undisclosed
  • LinkedIn Employee Count: 11
  • Investors: YL Ventures
  • Founders: Yair Grindlinger (CEO) and Doron Elgressy (President)
  • Product: Policy-based Security Platform for securing cloud applications like Salesforce, Workday, Yammer, NetSuite, MS Office 365 and Box
  • Value Prop: Granular control of cloud applications and users via customizable rule-sets offering policy-based security, compliance, and IT governance
  • Distribution Model: Subscription service
Product Features
  • Policy-based intelligent security platform incorporating advanced algorithms that helps customers secure popular cloud applications, and users from vulnerabilities and threats
  • Platform enables security ops teams to create custom rule-sets to protect each customer cloud application environment
  • Feature set includes FireLayers Control, FireLayers Respond and FireLayers Analyze
  • FireLayers Control is a policy manager and audit manager that enables admins to create predefined and custom rule-sets enabling companies to meet compliance and IT governance requirements
  • FireLayers Respond is a repository of cloud research, documentation on known breaches, threat assessments, and identified technical vulnerabilities, creating actionable intelligence that enables the InfoSec team to create and deploy rule-sets
  • FireLayers Analyze is a robust tool and reporting system that provides in-depth analysis on user behavior, anomalies, attempted and successful breaches and data sprawl. The tool enables SecOps to create custom policies that cater to a customer specific application environment. Cool Startup: FireLayers
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