Comcast, Welcome to the CDN Ecosystem


Comcast, welcome to the CDN Ecosystem. According to Dan Rayburn, Comast has officially entered the CDN market.  As such, Comcast is now included in the popular CDN Ecosystem Diagram, the most up-to-date diagram representing all US based CDNs. There is a lot of misinformation in the press about the Comcast CDN, and where they sit in the ecosystem, but let’s set the record straight, Comcast is a regional based CDN catering to a defined set of customers within a specific region, and in now way do they compete against Akamai. Comcast and Akamai shouldn’t even be in the same conversation, as each satisfies a different set of content delivery needs. More to be discussed in the upcoming post.

CDN Ecosystem Diagram with Comcast CDN
CDN Ecosystem Diagram with Comcast
CDN Ecosystem Diagram with Comcast
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