DDoS Impact on the Internet Startup Industry


Plenty of Fish, the popular online dating website was taken down by an 80Gbps DDoS attack impacting 1 million users. Last month, Meetup.com was taken down for 5 days, the courtesy of an 8Gbps DDoS attack. Statcounter, WPEngine, Aweber, and many other notable Internet companies have also been victim of DDoS attacks. Every Internet startup, especially the high profile startup backed by top VCs are now targets. To make matters worse, anyone with a couple of hundred dollars can rent a DDoS for hire service, with an attack size ranging from 10Gbps to 100Gbps, according to Damballa.

Is it possible that $200 took down Meetup and Plenty of Fish? In this day and time, anything and everything is possible. For VC’s that are funding these startups, it should be mandatory that each funded startup use a Content Delivery Network, regardless of whether the the startup is pushing 100GB of data transfer per month, or 100TB/mo. The damage caused by a DDoS can hinder startup progress for months or years. DDoS Impact on the Internet Startup Industry

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