Watch out Level 3, here comes Hibernia Networks


Hibernia Networks, one of the leading providers of global connectivity solutions in North America, Europe and APAC has officially launched its global Content Delivery Network. Their CDN has been in the works for the past year. Hibernia has 17 POPs, SSD powered servers, and all the standard CDN features like instant purging, Gzip compression, raw logs, and so on. Armed with a global CDN in its portfolio, and next generation submarine and terrestrial network, Hibernia CDN is now in the same category as Level 3. Just like Level 3, Hibernia owns the fiber that powers their CDN.

The executive staff at Hibernia have a mission to be cost competitive with MaxCDN, yet offer the performance of Fastly, at the scale of Level 3. One of Hibernia’s core customer base is the media segment, where they manage the content delivery value chain for customers from creation to consumption. In terms of the feature set, Hibernia is using a similar strategy to Fastly, where they are bundling their DSA into the standard caching services at no extra charge. Hibernia’s DSA  feature offers middle mile TCP optimization, connection management, and compression at the edge. Hibernia, welcome to the CDN business, we’ll keep a tab on your progress.

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