May 2014 Web Stats and CDN & CyberSecurity Activity Recap


In May, there was 975M websites, which is 16M more than in April. Apache is still the most widely used web server, followed by Microsoft IIS and Nginx. Getting to the 1B mark is  proving a little difficult. In addition, we had lots of activity in the CDN industry. The highlights are below:

 May 2014 Web Server Market Share – Netcraft
  • 975,262,468 Websites
  • 16M more sites than last month
  • Apache accounted for 361,853,003 websites – 37%
  • Microsoft IIS accounted for 316,843,695 websites – 33%
  • Nginx accounted for 146,204,067 websites – 14.6%
CDN and Cyber Security Activity for the Past Month
  • FireLayers is a hot new cyber security company that protects cloud applications like Saleforce, Box and Netsuite
  • Comcast officially enters the CDN market, becoming a last mile regional based CDN
  • Apple continues to build out their CDN, using Apache Traffic Server as the software platform of choice, mimicking Comcast
  • Hibernia rolls out a global CDN, now becoming a direct threat to Level 3
  • An Incapsula client was hit by a massive DNS DDoS attack peaking at 25Mpps (million packets per second) with that attack originating from hijacked servers of two DDoS Protection Services companies
  • Prolexic has seen 14 DDoS amplification attacks over the last month using the SNMP protocol, targeting devices that run an old version of SNMP
  • Plenty of Fish was knocked off line by an 80Gbps DDoS attack
  • Incapsula is increasing their POP count to 30 doubling their current count
  • UltraDNS was a victim of DNS DDoS attack which impacted some of their major clients including Salesforce, and
  • Akamai and Cisco roll out a new service that extends Akamai’s CDN caching technology to the Cisco ISR branch routers
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