Top 2 CDNs in June 2014


Starting in June, we’ll start selecting our Top 2 CDNs for the month, in order to give them recognition for their accomplishments, vision and innovation. For June, we would like to congratulate Instart Logic and Incapsula. Both companies have made a significant impact to the CDN industry, offering a unique value proposition, backed by a strong product portfolio. Instart Logic has raised the bar with it’s application streaming technology that combines elements of CDN, virtualization, middle-mile optimization, and next generation front-end web page acceleration. Instart Logic improves time to first paint, rendering the most important components of a web page first, enabling end users to experience quick page load times.

Next is Incapsula, the leading CyberSecurity CDN that has taken security to a whole new level. They have gone above and beyond the basic DDoS protection at layer 3, 4 and 7. The Incapsula product portfolio enables customers to secure their web applications with multiple layers of security, including two factor authentication, login protect and web application firewall. In addition, Incapsula offers a robust analytics suite that provides up-to-date metrics on the security threats that customers encounter and responses. Also, Incapsula leads the CDN industry on DDoS reporting, providing detailed analysis on recent cyber attacks, including the steps they took for mitigating the attack. Instart Logic and Incapsula, keep up the awesome work.   Top 2 CDNs in June 2014

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